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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the MangoES?

The MangoES is a powerful embedded computer that has the full Mango Enterprise software pre-installed and fully licensed.


What operating system does the MangoES has?

The MangoES uses a special version of Debian Linux.  It’s been customized and optimized by IAS but has all the standard features on Debian Linux.  


Do I get root access to the operating system?

Yes, each MangoES has a unique serial number and password to access the operating system. You can use SSH or an included web based server manager tool.  You are free to install additional software and customize to your needs.


Does it come with a Power Supply?

No, you can use any power supply that is 9-36 VDC


What is DGLux?

DGLux is a third party tool to build graphic dashboards through a drag and drop editor.  It can be added to a MangoES for an additional $75


About shipping and delivery?

Orders are generally shipped within 1-2 days of an order being placed.  We ship world wide, if you have any special shipping needs you can contact us direction to discuss.


What are the best ways to use the MangoES?

The MangoES can be used in many different way.  For applications with less than 1000 data ponts and 10 users it makes a great stand alone system.  It also performs very well as a distributed data aquistion system with 1 to 1000's of units pushing data into central servers.

Where do I find more documentation?

You can find general documentation about the Mango features in our wiki and additional information and tools regarding the MangoES here.


What is the warranty?

1 year from the time of purchase.